Hermitcraft II 209 Roofing Up

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Hermitcraft II Playlist ▻ http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7VmhWGNRxKiL51GPEbeRajHdVg_afvIn This episode we build the roof, and it does not disappoint!…
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25 responses on “Hermitcraft II 209 Roofing Up

  1. Leah Nunya

    Im literally in awe. I saw this in zombie cleos video and had to come take
    a look see. The creativity it took to come up this, i wish i had 1/4 of
    that. lol Great build!

  2. skyler greene

    Hey xisumavoid just wanted to let you know that i’ve been really inspired
    by your builds and i’m getting some really cool ideas to use with them.
    Watching through your lets plays and seeing the large scale of all of your
    projects is really impressive and i’m happy that i decided to watch through
    them all haha. i like the base so far but some of the other comments
    already pointed this out, the gold and the bright colors hmm i don’t know
    it just looks odd to me, i’ve been likeing the videos as i watch through
    them i hope it helps someway. Anyways i hope to watch you for years to
    come! Stay creative my friend. :)

  3. Brindeelow

    My goodness that place looks amazing!! just wow, I’m speechless! And the
    overlay things are cool, the look very professional :D

  4. Castor Quinn

    That redstone and dark wood is a killer combo. Those two materials go
    together brilliantly. And the trick with capping ice with glowstone to
    create water lighting is really clever. I’m going to pinch a lot of ideas
    from this ep. Gorgeous work mate.

  5. Martin .

    Catching up on your hermitcraft episodes. I really like the roof and your
    color combinations, it looks amazing! 


    It looks like you have the Mindcracker syndrome MCGamer had a base like
    this in the last season, and even Etho tryed it, that being said I don’t
    hate it everybody puts there own spin on it and I like yours best.

  7. Weasel Level Design

    I love it! Very classy. A little busy with the blue stained glass however,
    otherwise it is moody and atmospheric as heck c:

  8. Jarred Himmelrich

    Honest opinion its not my style and I really don’t like how you took earth
    and nature colors and mixed them with the bright gold green and red.

  9. Tim-J.Swan

    You didn’t need the glass for the gold staircase. You could have just left
    it as floating water with how it was set up.

  10. Shane C Wolf

    Simply Amazing.
    Wonderful Commons Area to the base. (or what ever you may call it) I Loved
    the idea with the dome and those different passageways and such.

    Just Amazing 😀

    I fi had proper recording software i would post some of my creations and
    possibly have a decent channel too. anyhow, Great stuff Love your Videos!

  11. Splittyish

    Hello Xisuma,
    It looks majestic! Very good job! Flawless!
    I also do like the new little messages that are being displayed at the end
    of the video :-)