How Do I Repair a Crack in a Drywall Ceiling? : Drywall Repair & Maintenance

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A couple guys online have been asking us what our thoughts were on Makita’s LXT Cordless Drywall Gun. So we thought we’d respond with a video. Follow along a…
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26 responses on “How Do I Repair a Crack in a Drywall Ceiling? : Drywall Repair & Maintenance

  1. theshirerules

    a great power tool review. as a potential investor, i got a genuine feel
    for the machine. thanks.

  2. mj Leo

    Do you know that you would work more better if you would stand the sheet
    rock on the wall to cut them it’s faster and safer

  3. Nomad heart

    cordless is the way to go with drywalling no fucking cords in the way to
    trip over and waste time. the battery lasts a long time and the other one
    is charged easiely by they time the battery in gun is dead

  4. PrecisionTaping .

    By “correlated” I assume you mean “Collated”? And ya I know what you mean,
    I have allot of buddies in AUS and NZ and that’s all they use are
    auto-collated guns. And the drill is actually not outdated at all, they
    still sell them. It’s obviously not the greatest for screwing off entire
    rooms at a time. But it’s great for an all purpose drill, steel stud,
    bulk-heads, screwing my end of the sheet so I can let go right away to go
    cut the next piece. Etc…

  5. mydarkrythyms

    it is an ok gun the handle is a great idea……but as ive used the gun now
    for 3 months….i find i spend more time picking the cone up off the floor
    as with all makita screw guns…..

  6. rogy31

    I thought the same … nothing beats a cordless to tack up your sheets and
    to do all your pieces…. every time you are up on a step and the cord
    wraps around your toolbag or leg, you will wish you had a cordless trust
    me!I only use my cordless to screw off the house. the cordless made my life
    so much easier…. I didn’t buy this one, I bought the much smaller one.

  7. PrecisionTaping .

    @HaidenDaggett Thanks for the input. I would tend to disagree with you
    though. In between the times you mentioned are the only times you see the
    drywall gun being used. People want to see and hear what it can do. They
    want to know what the clutch sounds like and see how much power it has as
    well as how fast it can sink those screws. We featured Nick working on site
    to show people just how well the gun stays on his pouch throughout his day
    and how well balanced it is when he’s reaching for it.

  8. Haiden Daggett

    Nice video guys. Like the intro and how it flows together. I see you guys
    got some new t-shirts. Also not to be negative, but this is a review on the
    gun. From 1:20 to 4:21 seconds it’s kind of irrelevant to the review of the
    gun and makes this video really long for a review. Most people don’t want
    to watch a 5:29 video for a review of the gun and only 1:21 is actually the
    review on the gun. Good video and keep em coming guys.

  9. brett weir

    cordless is not the way to go on a real job you couldn’t keep up with my
    grabber cause ud be charging your batterys all day I wont work with someone
    with a cordless personally its disrespect to real hangers

  10. PrecisionTaping .

    Truthfully, I’ve only just recently discovered collated screw guns. I don’t
    know why, but I’ve never seen any around these parts. I guess they’re huge
    in other places but I’ve never seen them around here. I might buy one from
    WallTools. com Definitely worth looking into for sure! Thanks for the

  11. Stopthegreed

    Strange, i cant seem to find the Makita correlated screw gun for dry wall
    here in New York. Back in NZ and Australia its all they use. This drill
    your showing seems really slow having to load up a single screw each time.
    This drill has to be out dated and is way too slow. Correlated is the only
    way to go. Just wish i could find one here.

  12. PrecisionTaping .

    We weren’t having a screwing competition, we we’re doing a product review.
    If you want speed, get a collated screw gun. Browse through our videos. We
    have one of those too. The video’s called Senco De Mayo.

  13. MrDuncmck

    thanks nick.needed to know the weight and balance.and the clip was great
    detail .bravo with the attention to what matters.i wish milwalkee would
    make an m18 lithium ion .i am a bit neurotic about how the clutch engages
    .as an engineer this is great seeing from the trenches.

  14. PrecisionTaping .

    When installing your bottom sheet you use what’s called a kicker or a
    lifter, this allows you to lift the sheet up tight to your top sheet using
    only your foot. The kicker or lifter acts as a wedge. Once your sheet is
    tight to your top piece, you can see where your studs are based on where
    your screws are from the top piece. And then you simply visualize your stud
    and follow it down. If you’re a beginner you can very easily draw your
    studs on your sheet using a t-square. Hope this helped!