11 responses on “How I hang 4X8 drywall on ceiling by myself.

  1. Garth Leighton

    seems like an awful lot ov work when you can just buy a made in china
    lifter for $200, an take it to the next job? made in china granted crap but
    it will last for at least 10 jobs so paid for itself

  2. TheMattdona

    how long does it take to install one panel with this system? What about
    smaller size pieces? What do you do with them?

  3. piddler51

    Very similiar to a frame I have thought of making. One suggestion, if I
    may, concerning the 2x’s being in flat position and bowing. Place a 2X rib
    to the bottom of the flat 2X4’s. Run these ribs up to a few inches from the
    end on the wall end to avoid the problems you spoke of if you used the
    2X4’s on edge. 2X2s might work for the ribs, imo.