16 responses on “How to Build a Pole Barn Pt 7 – Metal Roofing

  1. xBeau Gaming

    I thought it was really cool of you to make a mockup of the process so that
    it was easy to explain. Thanks bud!

  2. David Keith

    Thanks for taking the time to do all of this. This is by far the best pole
    barn vid series I’ve seen on you tube. I will be starting my barn soon!

  3. Nunya Bidness

    That bubble wrap insulation has nothing to do with repelling
    water/condensation. It is there to keep heat down, thus the reflective
    surface on the outside. 

  4. fritz e

    good explanation of the wind and how to lay panels. we layed ours with the
    overlap facing north since most wind comes out of the south/west. the
    fella that started the roof 16′ panels, said if the wind takes one it would
    not take all of them.. I have had greenhouses striped of their plastic
    even in secure wire channels when the wind gets ahold of them.. can only
    imagine what it’d do to a metal roof.. 

  5. Waldner Douglas

    Hey Feddie, Great Job and cheers to the videos, thank you. I haven’t seen
    the instructions to your metal roofing, but your metal roofing material
    looks exactly like mine. Anyways, had hail damage and the insurance
    adjuster came out to inspect. Few weeks later I received a letter saying
    my insurance will not cover the hail damage because I secured the metal
    roofing through the top rib, as you did in your video. Enclosed in the
    letter were manufactures instructions highlighting the instructions saying
    screws were to be on the lowest valley flat surface. Long story short,
    after many arguments (some heated) the insurance did final cover it only
    because the damage wasn’t wind damage. Just food for thought.

  6. towerhillbilly

    I appreciate the hard work you’re putting in on these vids…You realize of
    course that by putting your shed down in the bottom, far from the driveway,
    you’re gonna spend a fortune at $22 dollars a ton for rock, building a
    road down to it…Also running your power down to it is gonna be pricy.
    Without a road or electricity you ain’t gonna like your new shed that
    much……What was your reason for going remote with your location?

  7. Denny Grimes

    Glad to see your continual progress Brother Feddie!
    Love your very informative videos especially the way you did the step by
    step protocol in your garage!
    God’s Blessings!
    Denny Grimes
    Phenix City, Alabama

  8. Macdoctor

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such detail and taking some of the
    mystery out of the building trade. Books are wonderful but seeing is
    believing. Your time and effort in presenting the techniques and
    procedures are just wonderful. The local experts are somewhat secretive
    and elusive in their trades. You are an inspiration. Guys like you who
    are willing to share their knowledge are a blessing to those of us who are
    sometimes locked out of local establishment.. Many thanks

  9. David Jones

    No doubt this is the best and most informative youtube channel on youtube.
    I appreciate the amount of detail you provide. Great job keep em’ coming.

  10. blazingnailgun

    Pole barn roofing videos are live. Two parts in this segment. Long videos
    but good information so watch them both!

  11. Tom C

    Thanks for the insight !!!! Excellent series of How to’s , just broke
    ground on a 28×40 , I got the pole’s set and squared using the Redneck math
    “worked Great”, once again Thanks for the Help , I’m sure I’ll be referring
    back to these when I get futher along.