How to coat a drywall cornerbead

0 Comment Stan Owens, Owner of Owens Drywall, Altoona Pa. demonstrates how to coat a drywall corner bead. Stan is a… Demonstration how to hang drywall ceiling. When hanging a ceiling try to start along a straight wall. Always stagger the butt joi…

25 responses on “How to coat a drywall cornerbead

  1. Jeff Sprow

    My days of getting paid by the sheet or sq. foot are over. When I was young
    I hung by the sheet , unit or foot, I was quite fast for my time , now the
    industry is changing and everyone has a different method. from different
    parts to different companies all have their own way. It really dont matter
    what you use to fasten it but some ways work better than others. Just keep
    your joints tight, have a nice screw or fastener pattern, and most people
    use liquid nail on the studs. the proper way to find out anything about
    drywall is to look at the United States Gypsum hand book. It has all the
    standard code for installation for Sheetrock panels. 

  2. Timothy Spiegel

    two veterans doing a good job, slow and steady wins the race.. whats with
    all the haters talking about how many boards you should be hanging in an
    hour or a day.. Some people dont get paid by the board. and two screws in
    the field is normal for ceilings unless its 5/8ths- to the asshole know it
    all that posted about it .

  3. don carson

    yea, no gap!! the board should be tight against the other sheets, hang your
    1st sheet, your next piece should start your secound run 6-8 ft piece, use
    the beveled edge from the first sheet, and the factory edge of the 2nd to
    line up your third piece, you stagger the first two runs to make sure your
    boards are tight, if they are off the whole ceiling will be off

  4. Ken Havens

    Pros that do this are usually part of a family outfit that have been
    apprenticed for a long time. You can make good money but you really have to
    enjoy the work. I’d only do it if I owned my own company.

  5. thibout0t

    your too slow really a good drywall do 3000 sq ft everyday i do that room
    in less then 45 minute one buddy cut one buddy screw the guy who cut put 2
    screw then go cut the next during the time the screwer screw all around the
    sheet and make sur everything is ready for the next sheet before he finish
    cut it that way you make money or you paid hourly maybye

  6. Brandon Houle

    Just a reminder, it would be a lot easier on both of you if you guys don’t
    hold the sheet above your head at the far end of the sheet, creates a bad
    sag and creates heaviness.

  7. Noe Flores

    Lmao n they screw hella slow..about production lazy fools on the vid lol
    just cal the Mexicans to do it can’t even read the tape haha

  8. Lastbreath187

    Get some 12 foot sheets…save you and the taper time, that guy on the gun
    is as usfull as tits on a bull. I wouldent hire you guys to drywall my dogs

  9. don carson

    two experienced hangers can easily hang a tight ceiling, but it takes a few
    months to develop shoulder strength, and learn team work and technique , a
    pro trying to hang with a rookie is a nightmare for both, thats why i hated
    training/hiring rookies, till they learn what there doing they just get in
    the way me and my partner hung for 20 yrs together,

  10. serwer haji

    hi I work in this area but I never put the walls before the ceiling but the
    way in which you use put a little strange ceiling we not use wood carpenter
    question is developing wood there or at which you put wood ?

  11. juan migoyo

    whats all this two screws in the field?they are hanging lids[ceilings] not
    walls!!!i have hung for over 20 years and in ten different states,and in
    some states you have to get a screw inspection after the house is hung.if
    you have two nails in the field on the lids,oyu fail your inspection.two in
    the field on walls will pass though.i also always nailed first then screwed
    later.its faster that way.when you get paid by the board you have to haul
    ass.where are the real hangers at??

  12. powershop1903

    Ok dude. Looks good! Does anyone know what would be an allowable gap
    between sheets of drywall? Is there any rule on gap spacing on beveled
    edges versus butt joints? Thanks!

  13. Jeff Sprow

    @hoydog33, Im standing on the floor, my partner has a bench to stand on,
    and I do step up on it a few times.

  14. scooby1969doo

    I feel sorry for you guys, homeowner running around there all day. Pretty
    decent job for a couple of framers, lol.

  15. Ken Havens

    God doing this now. Got a collated screw gun, single best drywalling
    investment other than a cieling hanger. It is extremely difficult to get
    tight cieling joints with 2 guys trying to put upthe big 12 foot drywall
    sheets. The boards are denser and heavier than the wall type drywall board.
    We are currently mudding, another shitty part of drywall.

  16. Jeff Sprow

    @hoydog33 , oh really? Maybe that’s how you do it, I haven’t met a pro yet
    who hangs walls before the ceiling.

  17. tyler Toop

    @Lastbreath187 ….dosent fkn matter the room is other 12ft anyways ur
    still going to have the same amount of joints just diffrent places
    hahahahahah im a 16 year old drywaller and i could out run any of u

  18. 07scapepking

    using guns corded or cordless are way quicker no matter how godo you are
    with a hammer, i only got a nakita but she spins at 2500rpm love to see
    anyone swing that fast 🙂

  19. smw381st

    those joists should have been strapped first makes it a lot easier and a
    lot better job too and a whole lot less chance of the screw heads from
    showing later on