6 responses on “How To Drywall – Applying round bullnose beads by hand

  1. rotaxrider

    I got a question. Are all of Trim Tex’s plastic beads mud set beads? I’m
    assuming this is what you are using. Reason for asking is when I was on
    there site it looks like there mud set beads have a different profile on
    the back of the mud legs. Almost like little grips that grab into the
    premix for a stronger hold.

  2. Philippe Allaire

    wow some people have no idea what they are taking about, don’t you know
    they make mudset plastic beads ? And you never put staples in plastic
    beads, has to be mudded or glued. But works good has have their own
    advantages, altho glue is stronger, taping mud does having glue in it, made
    for applying mudset types of plastic beads, and if you look at both the
    mudset and regular bead, there’s not much difference. So if you don’t know
    what your talking about, don’t say anything.

  3. Philippe Allaire

    You know you are right , there are 2 different types of bead, one for mud
    set and the other for glue. But we have used both with mud or glue, either
    way they work, but the mud set bead by trimtex does hold on the wall
    better. Thankx

  4. Philippe Allaire

    I’ve used plastic beads with taping mud for application for about 8 years,
    and rarely does any beads ever pop, unless you pulled on them with an
    extension stuck underneath or something, they don’t come off at FIRST TOUCH
    lol ….

  5. Kelly Anderson

    I guarantee within a year or two that those will crack. I used glue and
    drywall nails to attach. Makes it much sturdier.