40 responses on “How to Fill Drywall Screw Holes

  1. stratstablos

    Bob, great video. You explained and showed the basics as well as give some
    cutting options. Clear and concise. Thanks.

  2. Azkar Noir

    im a drywall hanger and i think the way u show to cut drywall is ideal for
    patching or do a remodel in home =)

  3. Jack Mehoff

    nice way of teaching i would like to start making videos also I like how
    you covered other opptions for people who don’t have drywall tools

  4. Ulga Arlene

    Thanks alot! I’m a girl renovating my place who has a dad who knows and can
    do everything, so you can imagine how much I’ve done for myself before!
    This is the first project I’ve done on my own and instead of running to
    daddy, I can say I figured it out alone (sorta 😀 ) But thank you…it’s
    really helpful

  5. morninboy

    Bob have you seen the wallboarders buddy drywall cutter? It measures and
    cuts to both length and width. It’s a great tool that I’ve been using for
    more than a year now.

  6. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    You really just need to cut cleanly thru paper,If you are hanging 5/8
    drywall it is probably firecode, in which case it has more fiberglass in it
    what I recommend you do is purchase a small hand rasp to quickly clean any
    chunks after you make the break.===Bob

  7. Dean Butler

    I want to cut down half of some drywall that is up now to make a room
    bigger. How do I go about doing that without destroying the remaining

  8. ramboroulette

    freehanding sucks sumtimeswhen ur cutting like that standing drywall whut
    do the idiots do at the bottom only butchers do that use a T square for
    standing wall

  9. listen2yourself

    Bob, thanks for this video series. Very well done. Disregard the haters and
    “EXPERTS” who keep critiquing your videos. I went to their account,
    expecting to find some much better videos since they keep correcting you
    and leaving negative comments. Oddly enough, they didn’t have a single
    video posted on their account. To read their comments, I assumed they were
    elite professionals or something. Thanks again for the video tips Bob!
    What’s that song? It sounds very familiar to me.

  10. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    I hung drywall for a living thru the recession of the early 80’s, I don’t
    know about the “bright” comment but I was just showing the alternatives
    available.With drywall the cuts don’t need to be as accurate as in some
    other trades because of the finishing===Bob

  11. AveIvy

    Thanks so much for this video. I’m a woman and this is a starting point for
    me to begin placing drywall in a living room.

  12. Allison W

    Very helpful. It’s been a while since I’ve done this and this was a quick,
    simple and accurate reminder. Thanks!

  13. HomeRemodelWorkshop

    Again Dean,This channel is designed for the homeowner Diy’er not to teach
    the pro way of doing things.I did hang drywall in new applications and
    remodeling for a living.If you could only do projects on your home only if
    you had the tools and techniques the pros had you know you would be
    spending alot of money unnecessarily. Thanks for the post Bob

  14. hugmedotorg

    Trying to cut the drywall freehand like that isn’t very bright, you are
    going to end up with a curvy line. There are a couple of ways to get around
    this, if you aren’t sure of yourself use a locking straight edge, have your
    knife follow the edge. If you are a pro you can use the slit at the end of
    your tape measure. with one hand insert your knife into the slit, the other
    hand gets used as a fence. squeeze the tape measure at your mark and run it
    straight down.

  15. mastansari

    Great job, I really appreciate your hard work and willingness to help teach
    basic, keep up the good work and don’t get offended by negative comments

  16. Chris Stone

    deanprigg, I think you mis-spelt your name mate should be deanprick. Dont
    hate useful videos like this and make out your some bad man,. Are you not
    embarassed reading your post you look like some real dick.

  17. pharris5987

    great job seriously im getting grey hairs watching these other guys trying
    this i do it for a living an u did almost everything right

  18. 787roofdog

    I have been checking out your channel in preparation for a small project
    installing a wall. Its excellent! If you are debating wether to reshoot
    these videos in HD you should do it. Great videos, genuine presentation
    from a true craftsman. This is what utube is all about. Wish you much
    sucess. Thanks