25 responses on “How to: Finish drywall, FAST!!!

  1. doug sadler

    shit I been finishing professionally every day for about 18yrs now and I
    can say I wouldn’t want to sand that shit….lmao…contractors I work for
    would tell you quick not to comeback if they walked in and seen that rough
    ass mess…

  2. bruce conrad

    Your looking quick because you figured out how to get it on the wall
    without wasting arm motions. Mostly it is because you decided to ‘get a
    move on’ where a lot of tapers are just filling up the 8 hour day.

  3. mickyvanderburg

    I am the plasterer in this video and ofcourse i tried a little harder then
    i do the other 8 hours a day. We made this video to show You all How we do
    it but i am also watching and LEARNING other plasterers How they do their
    jobs. Hope to you show me how You guys do it and i can learn other ways to
    do it.. And You are wright a beer is the only thing i am missing here… Lol

  4. Ricardo Morado

    My dad would have thrown his pan at me for doing a bad job like that. And
    yes my dad is a professional. 28 years.

  5. elliott graham

    i would not want to sand this guys work. most tapers think they are all
    super men.and yes me to.17 years

  6. bruce conrad

    Plaster died in the 50’s when Sheetrock came out. The plasterers refused to
    adopt it into their trade so it developed on it own and put them out of
    business. Plaster is expensive and takes a long time, No room for it in
    today’s fast paced construction schedules. A few tradesmen are around yet
    and they get to charge lots to those willing to pay for it. Mostly they do
    variations of EFIS and stucco outside. No problem to coat sideways to the
    tape, as long it is shaped correctly to cover.