How to Install a Drywall Electrical Box

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How to Install a Drywall Electrical Box

I would like to install a new electric outlet on my existing wall. This will require installing a new electrical box into the drywall. This video will show y…

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  1. Gary Matsueda

    How did you decide which wire to cut? Was it good fortune that there was
    enough wire to draw into the new junction box?

  2. Seanzilla

    As simple as this process is, it’s nice that you took the time to help
    those who want to do it themselves. Job well done, sir! Thanks for sharing!

  3. HowToWith GEO

    There are detectors you can buy that will detect electrical wires, many
    stud finders have them. Sometimes you just have to guess where the wire may
    be…..looking in a basement or attic could help, if they are exposed
    there. You can wire an outlet to a light switch but the outlet will not
    work when the light switch is off. Some times you want to do this if you
    want to plug a lamp into an outlet but control it with a light switch.