How To Install A Sheetrock Corner bead

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How to install drywall corner bead on sheetrock or drywall. Let me show you how easy it is and the right way to get the job done right the first time.
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25 responses on “How To Install A Sheetrock Corner bead

  1. 1After100

    I’ve met some tough people and I get the impression that you’re a pretty
    tough individual. Maybe a boxer or fighter of some kind. I could be wrong.
    Maybe it’s that sometimes in the video I just get the feeling I’m being
    threatened by a goodfella. Anyway great videos, very helpful and straight

  2. Duh Enlightened One

    You didn’t show or explain the type of nails used. Can I use old toe nails
    that I cut off my wife’s feet?
    It would also help to know the width of the mud knife.

  3. kicknotes

    Hi, Dom — thanks for all the helpful videos. Trying to repair a section
    of damaged corner bead and having a hard time getting the repair mud to
    “blend”. I’m ending up with a sharp, hard 90 degree corner in the repair
    area, but the surrounding area is slightly rounded, and I see this
    throughout most of walls in my house. I’m assuming that since I’m seeing
    this everywhere, this “rounding” is not just the byproduct of paint being
    applied too thickly at the outside wall edges. That said: Any tips on how
    to achieve this very slightly rounded curve to get the repair to look a
    bit more seamless? Thanks in advance!

  4. markdowning64

    Holy cow. I could sit here all day watching your videos, but then I
    wouldn’t get any work done. Thanks!

  5. icawn

    thanks for the tips. i hit a snag 🙁 i was nailing up a bead and all
    seemed well, but when i got toward the end of the bead i noticed the corner
    in one direction was no longer sticking out further than the wall, meaning
    it is going to have a rounded effect. is there any alternative method to
    somewhat correct it? the bead is definitely not coming out with all the
    nails at this point. I am considering nailing up an overlapping bead about
    3 feet long to try and salvage it. thanks.

  6. GreatWhiteNiko

    You da man! Never knew about the spray glue. Just installed the paper
    corner bead using plaster. Too much work – “The legs of Stupid are long”
    as they say in a country far, far away, haha. Thank you again!

  7. honeybeerancher

    Good video. Just a FYI and not to be snarky. the metal corner and the paper
    metal face if hit have the same repair problems. you can use just mud to
    set the paper corner bead too. still love your vids.

  8. Jerry B

    just got a home inspection done on a house i’m buying and had no idea what
    a corner bead was. Now I know. Thanks for the great vid.

  9. Rod Holland

    Now that I know how to install drywall corner bead…. What about joining
    corner bead (at the seams)…. I built a soffit to cover some duct work
    which is 38 feet in length.