How To Install Steel Framing for Walls

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It’s tough to build a wooden frame for a wall when the ground you’re working on is uneven. That’s why master craftsman Rob North is here to show you how to b…

12 responses on “How To Install Steel Framing for Walls

  1. waltappel

    Very informative and to the point but a little too intense for this early
    in the morning. Rob North is like the black version of Billy Mays! LOL

  2. Brett Bar

    Yep. This video did answer a lot of my questions as well . . . I still hate
    using metal! I can frame a whole lot faster with wood, especially if there
    are any wonky angles.

  3. Bacteriod

    @Rubens, I think you should watch the video again. He said the notches in
    the holes point to the bottom, which is how they were ultimately installed.

  4. AmetdeathA

    i knew it had to be craftsman sponsored. 1 out of 100 professionals
    actually use craftsman drills on the job

  5. Rubens Onofrio

    Am I confused? He said the holes in the studs should be with the small
    openings up and at the end of the video all installed studs were upside
    down? Nice video anyway.