“How to Mud Drywall” Fix It Dudes: Drywall Repair Video 3

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6 responses on ““How to Mud Drywall” Fix It Dudes: Drywall Repair Video 3

  1. Juju Bean

    Thank you for your videos! They are really helpful. I am a novice and have
    to fix drywall this weekend after having an pipes overhead. I’m a little
    confused about what mud you used during each coat. In the beginning of the
    video, the materials said I would need a 20 Min. Smooth Set, a Joint
    Compound, and a Topping Compound, but in the video it looks like you just
    used the 20 Min. Smooth Set for all three coats?

  2. Ezzequiel2517

    Nice videos, thanx for posting them up…. Im a novice do it yourself-er
    planning on drywalling an existing plastered brick wall… Do I have to
    apply 3 coats of mud to newly hanged drywall?

  3. Modaa Inc

    @Ezzequiel2517 Hi, thank you for your comment. Its inspiring. Regarding
    your question, you need to apply one coat of joint compound and two coats
    of topping compound. Total three coats. Good luck!