12 responses on “How to tape an inside drywall corner with Strait-Flex Perfect 90

  1. Roxanne Rasmussen

    Had a hole in my kitchen wall from my angry son (his father left us) oh the
    hole is still there 2006 ! found you with easy fix it . First found you on
    utube mudding and taping for my newest project to learn.

  2. gordon luis

    Dominick we are taping an interior closet with lots of inside corners and
    wall ceiling joints too. The carpenter banged up the drywall leaving large
    gaps too. Can this product fill in the gaps? Do we use the mud to fill in
    gaps and wholes?

  3. Michael Aubry

    Perfect timing I just saw this stuff at home depot today and picked it up
    to give a warped corner a nice straight angle. Any thoughts on using it
    where the ceiling and wall meet? Crisp lines make a room look so much
    better. Where my celing and wall meet it’s slightly warped this stuff would
    make it look beautiful. The ceiling has popcorn texture which could make it
    a problem. 

  4. Tom Fields

    Domenic, nice video. I am doing some sheetrock in my basement and had to
    create an access door to the electric service panel. I used drywall and a
    piano hinge. The door closes with a hidden magnetic touch latch. I bet lots
    of people have the same need. Would love to see your take on this.

  5. Dicofole

    Can you make a video on how to repair outside drywall corners where only
    the paint and compound has chipped but the metal is still intact (not
    bumped or anything) ?

  6. charles thompson

    This was a great video,and coupled with the metal bead for corners
    video,you have almost certainly made my diy project easier and ahead of
    schedule! Thanks a lot! 

  7. Dominick Amorosso

    @ Dicofole. That is a awesome idea. Count that one in for this weekend.
    Thank you so much for asking.