25 responses on “How to tape and finish drywall

  1. Brian Clark

    First off all, this guy’s hanging job sucks. A 30 year pro doesnt leave
    gaps like that. Secondly, mesh tape is stronger and no bubbles. Third, Im
    surprised the compound hasnt dried by the time he gets the tape on it!
    Fourth, use a hawk. More material, less running back and forth to clean
    and re-up. Dont buy this video. Keep googling for step by step
    instructions. You’ll probably do a better job yourself. Just have a light
    wrist action and you’ll be fine.

  2. beasymy

    He fake i learned to spakel the real way you need a
    finger,3in,4in,6in,8or10in,12or14in knives a hawk way use a tray? i can
    load 4 times more mud on my hawk. Less clean up to. how to tape please
    spare me.use a 4in knife and a 6in spread the mud over the seam.have a tape
    dispener. Hooked to your belt, you know use the paper tape for corners
    buttd joints and flats. use sticky tape for flats if u know about useing
    the power compound. Man please im telling some real knoledge.8 months and
    im geting

  3. Richard Clark

    20 years experiance? really? I have benn doing drywall since 1983
    professionally. First off mesh tape in my opinion is BEST because it doesnt
    buckle,wrinkle,and it holds more mud due to the mesh design….less
    cracking!!! Not to mention the fact that fiberglass is stronger than PAPER!
    This guy sucks,I have seen better results with beginners. Me? I have had 1
    drywall complaint in 20years…and that was I showed up 15 mins. late. I
    have finished over hundreds of DW jobs!

  4. Clarence Warner

    Don’t bye this tape it ant worth the money he needs to go to a better
    school , like a trade school not shop class I have taped for 30 years I
    would not hire him his hang job is the pits . So no , stop trying to teach
    some thing u kinda know .!!!!!!!

  5. William Alexander

    Why are you trashing this guy? He’s just trying to show people that haven’t
    a clue as to what to do here. If you are all experts know so much, why are
    you watching this? Personally I learned a lot from him because I am one of
    those hapless one’s that hasn’t got a clue. At least I now know that I need
    a larger spackle blade.. Good job..Thanks!

  6. crazyturbo

    this guy does not have any clue of which is the right tape side…..oh my
    god and he try to sale is dvd too……ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ???

  7. JPJHomeImprovements

    No offense but you are not a drywall guy, with 30 years experience you
    should be a lot better. you should be able to coat that butt joint in one
    stroke. not 3 .

  8. chompmyclit

    We’re trashing him because when you make a how-to video you usually try to
    show the correct way of doing something. This crackhead must work for
    slumlords. Working for any respectable company anybody will be better and
    faster than this before the end of the first week, let alone him boasting
    about being this sh!tty after 30 years of experience.