13 responses on “How to tape drywall wall joints using Strait-Flex Butt Tape

  1. biggareid

    Question: Is Valspar Signature paint great quality paint for interiors?
    Because at lowes the rep. was offering this brand paint above the rest.
    What is your expert advice?

  2. Adam Ph

    Thanks Dominic for producing this. I’m a office worker with few skills with
    my hands. I would recommend your videos as you actually explain all the
    details well enough to give people a fighting chance their own.
    I watched a few other vids on this topic, armed myself with tools and tape
    and completed the 1st layer on the recesses of the center walls of a few
    rooms and a nasty big ass butt joint. Recesses will need a scrape and light
    sand, however the butt joint is a total mess. Anyways,,, feeling more
    confident with the second layer now after watching this a few times. But
    first i’m off to do some sanding.(Forever)

  3. No Bono

    Love your videos, you explain everything very well, and your funny! (:
    looking forward to more of your videos, keep them coming! (:

  4. herzwam

    like your vid’s! should i tape a ceiling to ceiling connection between a
    sheet rock ceiling and a plastered brick ceiling, or use a flexible joint
    like painters silicone?

  5. Hanif Tanha

    Hi thanks for the video, it’s amazing
    Just a question how about the other tape called fibreglass?
    Take care 

  6. NickDanger420

    You ALWAYS have to do the butt joint first and you over lap it with
    the horizontal tape on top , you didnt do thisin this video and it will
    cause a crack where it’s split!! Your 2nd coat goes on with a wider blade
    then the 6″ one you used to tape with and you should use Topping Mud
    for 2nd coat Not Joint compound !! Just say-in !!

  7. karlitos saiyan

    cool but the homedepot where I live didn’t sell but tape I had to go thru
    another site nice work it does