Installing Metal Roofing Panels

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50 responses on “Installing Metal Roofing Panels

  1. twinvisionphoto

    i need some advice as i am fitting velux roof windows to my build which has
    a metal roof but it has a pitch if 7.2 degrees so i am building a wooden
    box to elevate the window pitch to 15 degrees. i am uncertain of how i will
    be able to fully seal this wooden unit can you off any advice please i am
    at a loss at what to do to give it a full seal. i am based in the uk

  2. Bryan Barnard

    I have several points that I’d like to address here:

    Vapor barrier: iirc, IBC/IRC requires a vapor barrier between the metal and
    the furring strips, because condensation that forms on the *underside* of
    the sheets WILL run down and eventually rot out the furring strips.

    Pre-drilling 1/8″ pilot holes in stacks of panels (ten or less, on
    boards/pallets on the “ground”, clamped together at opposite corners)
    according to furring strip spacing provides several advantages: perfectly
    straight screw lines, eliminates snapping lines on the roof and eliminates
    the struggle/frustration of piercing the panel while on the roof (more
    critical as roof pitch increases). This may take a little more time to
    lay-out and pre-drill, but the quality of the end product and the ease of
    install up on the roof are way worth it, especially on steeper pitches and
    when remaining on the roof is desirable. :o) Think “pre-drilling = quality
    & rooftop efficiency & safety.”

    A story pole is useful for laying out furring strips over the comp shingles
    to give consistent spacing and permits for pre-drilling the panels.

    Perfect drip-edge alignment with NO “stair-stepping”: When installing field
    panels on a straight run with no penetrations, I like to screw the first
    panel securely where you want it, then use lap screws to initially connect
    THE NEXT FEW PANELS together at the vertical laps, so that you have four or
    five panels “floating” on the deck and there are no screws on these
    subsequent panels penetrating the roof just yet (Of course you’ll want to
    align the panels at the bottom edge when connecting the panels at the
    laps). You’ll notice when doing this that the loose edge of this row of
    panels is movable up and down the roof, to where you can adjust the amount
    of overhang. I prefer to use a pre-cut spacer block for gauging the
    overhang as opposed to a tape measure, as this eliminates user error AND is
    a lot less awkward to use than a tape in precarious situations like on a
    ladder or steep roof. Use common sense and ONLY use this method when wind
    conditions are calm enough to allow… no one needs a row of loose panels
    flying around. 8-/

  3. ausfarmer89

    He is totally incorrect, you should never screw roofing on through the flat
    it should always be screwed through the ridge. This is because were does
    the water run, it runs off the ridges and down the flat. If you screw
    through the flat you run alot higher chance the roof will leak in the years
    to come.

  4. Justin Crediblename

    the advice I got from the owner of discountmetalroofing(.com) was to
    *definitely* put the wood strips, but also cut/put foam in between those
    boards. that’s what I’m doing on my metal roof (not purchased from that
    supplier because I already have my panels and mine have no exposed fasteners

  5. Brad Arnold

    No, many of these panels don’t have a flat area on the top of the rib. They
    are rounded, and a screw will not seal on these crowns. The manufacturer
    tells you too screw on the lower flat area. I’ve installed a few of these.
    They don’t leak if you install them as shown in the video.

  6. Daniel B

    Hello, the screws on my roof metal are right on the ridge. The same can be
    found on all new roof metal around here. Can you tell me the difference?
    Thank you


    I think that is a big mistake. Installing the wood strips is one of the
    most important steps in installing your metal roof. The strips provide
    important holding power over the OSB that most roof decking is made of.
    Check out my video series to watch an entire section on how to install the
    wood strips.

  8. mikebsexy

    what about a vapor barrier? i install titanium over top all my roofs over
    shingles. my understanding is that the heat from the shingles would cause
    sweating underneath the metal causing moisture and then eventually rotting
    the 2 by or furring strips? please explain..thanks

  9. Chris Lutz

    I have on a few occasions installed insulation (EPS or poly-iso) underneath
    the metal but in these instances I still used the wood strips over top of
    the insulation. While the fan fold would do well to insulate and separate
    the metal from the decking or shingles, it would not accomplish several of
    the important tasks of the wood strips. These include: 1) Establishing a
    solid and dependable surface to attach the metal to. 2) Creating an air gap
    beneath the panel to facilitate better ventilation

  10. moofushu

    It looks like you’re installing 4×8 metal panels on a 8 foot long roof on
    one side and 8 feet on the other. What happens when you have to install 4×8
    metal panels on a roof that is 24’x32′ on one side and the same on the
    other? How do you handle the overlap and how do you walk over those metal
    panels? On a larger roof you have to move around and can’t simply lean over
    the roof like you do in this example. How much do you overlap the panels on
    the vertical?

  11. Daniel B

    Thanks ausfarmer89, you are confirming my thinking. I did not follow
    RoofingIntelligence advice because of the fact that water will fall down
    the ridge and run the flat side. Beside, when the snow melt, it is more
    intelligent to place the screws on the ridge.

  12. MrMattman0000

    Would have liked to see the detail on the last panel. How do you make the
    seem water proof if the panel length doesn’t allow the ridges to line up.

  13. Кирилл Глазырин

    “Производительность труда разная. У нас рабочий в день делает 50 строганых
    досок за смену и просит 1000$ ЗП, а в США – 500 досок за смену и просит
    2000$ ЗП. Вот и вся арифметика…”
    Прикупил себе по случаю сей девайс

  14. dekonfrost7

    funny no one states the obvious.there is no manufacturer warrenty on these
    shingles…and anyone can be fast for 2 or 3 many square can
    you put down when you got three angles at disimilar heights? how many when
    its 100 degrees out 130 on the roof? will you stay late to be finished? can
    you use a break? do you let shit go that should have been addressed its
    hard to evaluate someone and say best or fastest from a youtube clip.but
    here i see that the extra 5 minutes to strike the 5 bi lines was never
    taken.. will the roof terminat evenly at the hip?who knows.

  15. NHsk8r74

    I won’t even let anyone else use a bostich gun on my roofs. They skip
    nails, leave ’em high, and jam if you try to nail this fast. And that’s
    when they’re new! My oldest Hitachi spent a winter in a snow bank and still
    works perfectly LMAO

  16. awarany

    I found this guy to do my roof and he was as quick as this guy on the
    video. Accidentally, he presses that gun trigger and nail went trough his
    lips to his nose and that freaking guy still didn’t stop working. I have to
    rush him to the hospital. I was like “what the hell is the matter with you,
    why you didn’t stop working”. he said “Oh I just wana finish that little
    area”. Crazy

  17. Ty Harry

    I’m 16 now and I’ve been doing roofing since I was about 11 or 12. it is
    THE best thing and its all Ive ever known, its just my favorite thing in
    the world to do. . me and my brother are now managing the busniess and we
    get between 4-5 houses a week, its great!

  18. 3beltwesty

    Here in a Hurricane area the code requires 6 nails per 3 tab shingle; not 3
    or 4 nails. Each tab has 2 nails so it is more robust in not tearing off.
    The re roof stormers nail fast and with few nails.

  19. Mellissa Fawell

    make sure u HIT the tar line eh… fast as any average shingler.. but fast
    dont matter if ur missing tar lines and not staying straight… be good
    first, fast second, all in all though.. great fuckin job man

  20. Jamie Colton

    @SmartyArt1 Water runs down an exposed metal valley faster. Also, on a
    closed valley, you get shingle wear and it’s no too pretty when the rest of
    the roof looks in mint shape. On 14/12 roofs, water doesn’t wear a closed
    valley as much and some like to showcase their shingles, so they close it

  21. John Brown

    I remember 20 years ago when I worked that hard… I’m working hard if I
    install a pack in less than 5 min lmfao Moved to Australia a few years ago
    where the Shingles are new and the instal rate is $46 – $59 per Bundle cos
    nobody knows how to install, I’m one of 5 guy’s in the country… Cha-ching
    Glad to see Metal is stil the roofer’s choice in Music

  22. WaveAction777

    Poor roofing, compromised for speed in my opinion. There is a reason you
    nail below the tar strip barely touching the tar strip. You need to catch
    the shingle underneath so shingles are nailed middle and top once the next
    layer is nailed. High nailing as you are doing gives more leverage to wind
    damage. I don’t know if you were showing off speed, but I’d pay an extra
    couple hundred bucks for better placement of nails. Just me…

  23. SemperFidelis0300

    @rooferab I live in NJ, but many times I work by the shore so I use 6
    nails, proper depth/placement and so far, no blow-offs or other problems.
    If they did a roof like that on the shore, it could definitely be a
    problem. The pitch on that roof is not steep at all, it is easier to work
    that way, but like you said, it is better to work from above to avoid
    edging the shingles.

  24. Egan McNamara

    trust me my boss would still blow him out of the water just saying he is
    fast but there are way faster guys