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We put an interlock roof on our house. It’s metal. It does not fade. The transferable warranty is good for fifty years. Log in to and see…
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When On a Roof Young Gulls Can Feel All at Sea!
Image by antonychammond
These two young ‘uns were born and brought up on our roof at Bexhill-on-Sea in East Sussex….

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  1. antohich

    @Badjura Lol ur pathetic ice and snow on your gutters and you are blaming
    ur roof? And saying alum roof is crap? Really? Wow. Name me one roof that
    will have 0 snow on it after snow fall. Ull always have ice there no meter
    what type of roof u have. Clean your gutters if u don’t want crap happen to
    them. And clean snow of the end of your roof like every1 else does.

  2. iaceit

    @aacceerr808 Mine was a couple thousand less but was done in 1997. Good
    that the old roof wasn’t leaking yet. I hope the old roof doesn’t lift the
    Interlock if too much moisture gets past the aluminum. I wonder why they
    didn’t remove it? From the web page of les Toit Permanents du Québec they
    look like installers of Interlock Roofs rather thank Interlock themselves,
    so that’s a good thing. Good luck my friend. Hope it works out. for you.

  3. skitzostudios

    mikejonessey45, you obviously didn’t have a good experience. All I can tell
    you is that the roof on my house, featured in this film, has never had any
    trouble. It doesn’t leak, it’s fantastic. My only connection with this
    company is that I am a satisfied customer.

  4. antohich

    Plus for ur information properly installed gutters must hold at leat 200lbs
    at the clipping or nailing point brackets or nails are spaced 1.2-2feet
    apart installed on a good solid base board. And even after that if they
    bend or coming off look into gutter guard that will make ur gutters 10-20
    times stronger that u can easily walk on them plus debris won’t get inside

  5. skitzostudios

    @LUVallova As the film shows, it was installed. We have had no leaks or
    problems. Where we live, we get a lot of rain. Our roof works just fine.

  6. Mike Jones

    The roof tiles have been sitting in my garage for over a month preventing
    me from using my gatrage properly. When a contractor finally arrived he
    informed me that the roof was lifting becaseuse when InterLock installed
    the roof around ten years ago they layed their metal roof tiles ontop of
    the rotting old tiles.

  7. antohich

    @ banjura let’s just not talk about who finished school and who didn’t ok?
    That has nothing to do with anything. I speak 3 languages and English is
    not my 1st language. Plus I’m not saying snow doesn’t slide of alum roof. I
    know it does all I’m saying if u have big snow fall u need to clean edges
    of ur roof no mater what type of roof u got. My friend owns siding company
    and he deals with bend gutters all the time. So don’t just blame alum roof
    for it. It’s simple maintenance u gotta do all the

  8. badjura

    @antohich – You have a friend?! Bet they don’t have this piece of crap
    Interlock/Future roof where ever you are from. You have made my point
    trying to defend this junk so vigorously, so thanks for your help.

  9. antohich

    If u guys have problems with interlock roof and nothing gets done after
    calling you local office I suggest contacting head office in Vancouver BC
    and explain what’s going on. I’m an installer in Alberta and we take care
    of all the problems our costumers have b4 going to the next job. Why we
    don’t take ur old roof b4 installing interlock is bc building code says u
    can install it if layers of the existing roof are not grater then 2.

  10. iaceit

    @skitzostudios It will normally take a few years when the metal lifts from
    hot summers and cold winters. Mine was good for about 6 years before the
    problems really started.

  11. VictoryRider

    @badjura Hi, your message is scary. I got an aluminum roof by interlock.
    But they put mine on top of the old one, maybe that help to keep us dry.
    Snow does fall but the gutter hold well. My issue is with soffit ans
    fascia. Year after year it falls down. The company (Les toits Permanent du
    Québec) came back each year to fix it. But it like they are unable to make
    it last a full winter. I’m far from their office and I belive this is why
    the did a crappy job.

  12. badjura

    @aacceerr808 You are lucky in the fact that they actually came out to
    ‘attempt’ to repair your soffit and fascia issue. 99.9% of folks with an
    Interlock roof will never get that luxury. I had to coat my entire roof
    (twice) with a commercial grade roof coating as well as seam tape over all
    large seams. It look well over 3 months! Interlock should not have
    installed their crap over your old roof in the first place, but in this
    case, dependening on its shape, might help. How much was your roof?

  13. skitzostudios

    Here in Oregon in rain country, we’ve had no problems with our roof. Our
    house is the only one in our cul de sac with these right now, and we stand
    out. The aluminum roof is crisp, defined, and really adds a lot to our
    place. I’m not sorry we purchased ours. I’ll worry about it in 2059.

  14. Mike Jones

    If you installed did you remove the previous roof tiles? After months and
    months of back and forth with these dolts they finally dropped off tiles
    but no contractor.

  15. Mike Jones

    I then asked the installer to please quote me what the cost would be to
    remove the old tiles under the malfuncationing InterLock roof and then
    start fresh. His response “well I’ll find out when I get up there”! I then
    suggeted I would obviously prefer him to give me a rough idea becaseu
    although I am in discussions to have InterLock pay for the removal a quote
    is necessary. His response (as he was chomping on something) in an
    aggitated tone “well then that cost me money”. For a quote?

  16. antohich

    u gotta do all the time snow falls don’t just let it sit there. It’s like
    cleaning ur walk way. If u don’t ice forms. They even have a tool for sale
    at home depot for cleaning edges of ur roof from the ground And u really
    should figure that out b4 installing aluminum roof. So really there is no1
    to blame. come on man. I see that u just complain about everything.

  17. VictoryRider

    We paid (and are still paying) 15k (CAN$). The installation was done by les
    Toit Permanents du Québec. For now I will get a friend of mine to fix it
    again and I’ll bill the company. They will come back this summer to,
    hopefully, make it better. My old roof was 30years old but was not leaking.
    We’ll see what’ll happen. The company that did the job will come back this
    summer to make it better (we hope)

  18. badjura

    tristarroofing,ca/services1,asp?id=117 Replace the “(commas)” with an
    actual period (.) in the URL above for what its going to look like – as
    well as leak

  19. badjura

    @antohich Please stop embarrasing yourself. Gutters are clean – aluminum is
    smooth, snow slides down aluminum when it warms up – hangs off gutter and
    pulls them down. Other roofs aren’t smooth, snow doesn’t slide. I can’t
    explain it any more simply that that, And learn how to spell – its “matter”
    not “meter”.