18 responses on “Metal Roofing over shingles

  1. kazi elias

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  2. Bob McAlister

    sure does look good…it is OUR job…call michael at 601 750 2274 for free
    advice, designs and estimates.

  3. New improved grady1610

    I see some people aren’t using the wood strips when putting tin on
    shingles. I think I’d want the strips. What’s the difference?

  4. Bob McAlister

    check the local codes about the two roofs. The weight of the metal roofing
    is lower than the weight of shingles. The wood strips are attached to the
    rafters and provide a good ‘foundation’ for the metal. Also , if the old
    roof is ‘wavy’ , the new wood strips can be shimmed to level without
    tearing off the old decking and leveling. We ALWAYS use the wood strips for
    those reasons. thanks for asking

  5. developlocalbusiness

    the metal will not ‘sweat’ , as JonEApelcede comments. The ventilation is
    excellent form of insulation also …vents the hot air along the ridge.

  6. Justin Crediblename

    I have 24 gauge steel roofing on my garage (dumb of me to choose steel, but
    what’s a novice without mistakes?). I can step on any part of that roofing
    with rubber soled shoes and not dent it. In fact, I can walk across a
    single 7′ piece, unfastened, supported 6 feet apart by sawhorses, and not
    bend it. But this material might be cheap. My roofing: Klip-Rib by AEPspan

  7. GlueFactoryBJJ

    Does it dent the metal roof if you walk on it? I would think that would be
    a problem because all roofs need inspections at one point or another…

  8. Bob McAlister

    ventilation is provided by the dead air space between the new metal panels
    and the old roofing plus we cut the ridge of the old roof out, so the air
    ventilates from the attic also ..

  9. Bob McAlister

    too heavy ? the new metal weights far less than any shingles, so I NO the
    roof will not cause any cracks in the walls of the structure. thanks for
    asking !

  10. developlocalbusiness

    thanks for the interest in our job ! This is in Mississippi and the fact
    that we install the furring strips does allow for the air to vent from the
    soffit to the ridge . We also cut out the old ridge to allow for the attic
    to vent at the same time. Savings on AC has averaged 25% and heating 10%.
    roof pays for itself in savings on utilities. thanks ! and m Grady1610, yes
    it can be used over 2 layers if the local code allows. we have had NO
    claims by our clients from the recent hail storm.

  11. Bob McAlister

    yes, as long as the underlying decking and framing are good. and , of
    course , you need to check with your local building code, which can be done
    by calling your county or city office of building codes….thanks for
    asking !

  12. Justin Crediblename

    typically, when buildings are designed for shingles, they are designed for
    3 lbs/sq ft loading. I’ve read that this equates to two or three layers of
    shingles. Often times, as time goes on, roofers just perform additional
    roof-overs. Eventually, the weight of the roofing might be over spec, and
    additional weight by a metal roof-over will be too much. A benefit to doing
    a tear-off is that you can inspect the fastener frequency, wood
    degradation, and other moisture problems caused by sh1t roofing

  13. Evolution Hurricane Shutters, LLC

    Why would the metal “sweat”? It looks like there is plenty of room for air
    movement between the metal and the shingles. Plus, won’t spacing the metal
    off of the existing roof provide a way to vent off heat from summer sun? In
    what part of the country was this job?

  14. Bruce Large

    How long will it take for the wood to be destroyed by the sweating of the
    metal.. Then the customer gets to pay for a new install. Do a tear off. Put
    your standing seam over a good synthetic multiple layered underlayment
    which will not tear protecting the wood structure and then use Aluminum
    Standing Seam Metal and your customer has a Permanent Metal Roof.