25 responses on “MTKD hanging sheetrock Part 1 / One Man Drywall

  1. Fernando Estrada

    try this next time @mastertaewondoo drywall 4×8 just put couple nail on
    your studs were the bottom of the drywall is going to end.. just so the
    sheetrock seats on the nails that should help hold it up. so you don’t kill
    yourself hanging a sheet with 1arm.. i use that method when i’m hanging
    sheet rock on ceiling by myself.. throw couple screws on one end let the
    sheetrock set on it.. hold the other end and drill my screws…

  2. Dave Klumb

    why would one wright all over the walls who wants to see that when you are
    done if you push to hard you will see your moron clues for ever

  3. omar bravo

    valen verga el vato le hacen a la mamada con los martillazos como si
    clavaran rapido pero puro pajaro nalgon suban videos chingones no mamadas
    OK por cierto arriba puebla

  4. TheFloorBoys

    Nice job! I like the trick with pre-tapping the nails before hanging when
    by yourself! Never seen that! Thx.

  5. LeatherFace51

    @TURNKEY81_…. Yes, He is slow WTF… I mean 10 mins. to hang a pipe
    wall??? I just hope he was getting paid .25 cents a foot or he was working
    for FREE!!!!!, WOW!!

  6. eliud guillen

    Yall need watch mexicans doing drywall we are the best hangers , work fast
    and clean, he need 10 min to hang 1 wall and we just hang all the room in
    20 min