Pro Roofing Tip – What is a “W” Valley?

0 Comment In this roofing tutorial, Roofing Expert Micah Valentine of Pro Roofing explains the benefits of a “W” valley in a roofing system…
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4 responses on “Pro Roofing Tip – What is a “W” Valley?

  1. Radcliff Humphrey

    The metal flashing is for people who don’t know how the fuck to do a valley
    with just the composite shingles… WAY easier, and cleaner looking than
    that metal flashing B.S.

  2. trevor francis

    is that a grp valley, we stopped using them in the uk with the upstand in
    the centre,they were always splitting

  3. Carl Smith

    this guy is no roofer just look at his shoes and hands way to clean, nice
    bead of mastic in the brand new valley and that’s a sign of bad workmanship.