Repairing Drywall Cracks – Settling Crack

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  1. steve23tammy24

    The tape and compound is a solid structure and not flexible so if the crack
    beneath it moves it will transfer this movement to the tape and compound,
    which is bonded to the original drywall, and cause it to crack. 

  2. kevin scammell

    I use a 90 min. dry mix with some drywall glue. I dig out atleast 1/4
    inch. the glue gives it flexability. no tape involved. its harder to
    wash down with a sponge or grit.. but works great. ask around about it.

  3. ted gandy

    If after the first application you find the tape has not adhered
    completely, or there are a few bubbles behind, can you just go over with
    the second layer to completely cover or need to pull off the tape and start
    over? My cracks are very difficult, on ceiling where the cracks are a
    little lower than the surrounding area – the tape sits on a slight ridge so
    none of the compound is completely smooth. Thanks

  4. Laura Haywood

    I have a crack that is running along a ceiling about 1/4 inch away from
    the edge where the ceiling meets the wall. How do I repair that? I have
    scraped away the cracked drywall and in the past I would have used spackle
    and do multiple coats and sand and paint but I was wondering if there was a
    better way. Thank you for your help!!

  5. pbaylis1

    That’s a lot of mud for a tiny crack because of the need to hide the tape
    edges. Wouldn’t it be better to rebate the drywall around the crack – say a
    few mm deep either side of the crack, THEN tape the crack in its new
    channel. Then you just need to mud up the channel, rather than feather
    multiple additional feet either side. Any problems with that idea?

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    Repairing Drywall Cracks – Settling Crack