7 responses on “Residential Roofing Basics

  1. antyme2

    There was a few items that you failed to mention. 1. The valley appears to
    be cut incorrectly. 2. Hip and ridge shingles appear to be 20-25 year
    shingles and not factory cut 30 year hip/ridge shingles. There is no code
    in your area for ice and water shield? Or double felt for slopes less then
    4/12. Would you replace the furnace caps if the hail storm damaged them and
    the insurace company allowed for replacement.

  2. leigh705

    he damage the roof he when he lifted the shingle right beside the furnace
    vent there for the roof is faulty

  3. adam brown

    at least he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about… any one you see
    that calls them self a roofer and wears those gloves should be your first
    hint that they have no idea…