8 responses on “Roofing a open valley

  1. Criss Vomit

    These are the guys that keep roof repairman in business! Open cuts are only
    good for old style shake. Should’ve done a close cut;)

  2. ROBODUDE1985

    Any professional roofer would laugh at this video… High nails, nails not
    on the chalk line of your shingles which you only have one inch to nail to
    on the profile of those iko Cambridge shingles. Secondly, you leave your
    shingles in the valley and cut into the valley?? How many times did you
    guys scratch that valley up?? I couldn’t even finish the video I was
    disgusted with your work….

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    YouTube that and you’ll see what professionals in ontario shingle like.

  3. tubbytubey

    Never. Cuts on top of shingles? Cuts on top of flashing? Standing on the
    flashing? (Is it a W profile…can’t tell?) 70 yrold female and I would
    stop them cold!

  4. Thomas S

    How far do you overlap felt over the cut?
    Do you use any adhesive/caulk on the metal?

    Great video, thanks.