16 responses on “Roofing Contractor Explain Insurance Claims 512-861-8294

  1. Jeff82556

    SORRY but telling people that “using staples instead of nails” is “cutting
    corners” is NOT TRUE. Ask any roof crew which would they rather tear-off
    …. a stapled roof or a nailed roof. I was impressed with your video until
    you made that comment which is simply not true.

    And btw, I’ve been roofing for 43 years. I currently use nails, but I used
    1-inch crown staples for over 10 years straight without incident.
    Furthermore, I’ve NEVER had one case where a homeowner called me to report
    his stapled shingles blew off during high winds. It’s always a nailed roof
    100% of the time. You sir cannot prove that staples are inferior to nails –

  2. Tony Holt

    Baker & Son’s Roofing of Texas endorses the following video explaining the
    homeowner insurance process and steps that will taken by Us and the
    Insurance Adjuster, to get your roof repaired or replaced due to the recent
    high wind and expansive hail damage DFW witnessed on April 3rd…

  3. Michael B.

    I’ve been an adjuster for a long time. That was a great explanation. I wish
    all contractors did it that way. 

  4. Roof Medic

    Very Good explanation of recoverable depreciation. We do our best to walk
    the home owner through the insurance claims process and they frequently go
    with the lower estimate. We always upgrade to ice and water shield in
    valleys, fireplaces, and proper ventilation which most times is lacking in
    homes. Homeowners believe they get to keep the difference in what the
    insurance estimate is and what they actually are paid for with the lowest
    estimate.Hence, they are bewildered at the end. Dan makes a valid case for
    perception of value. Nice video

  5. Heidi Jameson

    I watched your video 3 times. That’s great info. I promise not to call my
    insurance adjuster until I call you. I think we’re going to have solar
    panels installed too.

  6. mycedarcreekproperty

    I’ve been ripped off by roofers in the past. I wished I had known about you
    before I signed up with the other guys. Now I have leaks and they are out
    of business. You will definitely get business in the future. Again, GREAT

  7. John Johnson

    Dan is one of the most informed roofers you will ever meet. He’s a former
    insurance adjuster which will come in handy when dealing with your
    insurance company. He’s going to do my next roof.