4 responses on “Room Addition Construction Problems from Cheap Roofing Contractors

  1. M107SASR

    This is the bottom line..GOOD WORK AIN’T CHEAP and CHEAP WORK AIN’T GOOD
    Hire a Professional Licensed and Insured Roofing Contractor. If you live in
    CT and need a roof call Weatherproof Systems LLC. 860-212-2999.

  2. tylerexpo

    BEST CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS ADVICE – Start with Unlimited Construction
    Project Leads Google “BidTrakker” and watch the videos. How to really get
    government contracts: Google “Government Construction Experts” and “7 Ways
    to Get Federal Contracts”. Go to LinkedIn and get connected with “Doug
    Reitmeyer” and join the LinkedIn group “FEDERAL CONSTRUCTION PROFESSIONALS”
    That’s where the experts share insider secrets and they value your comments
    and ideas The Govt always pays in 14 days!

  3. Justme booboo

    Very well said! I agree. I have a limited budget, so I am building the
    shell and frame first. I wish there was more modular room additions that
    are inexpensive and shippable. I might have to go with a 24×30 garage shell
    from a reputable place that only builds garages. Really wanted the open
    post-beam look, but will have to make do.