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  1. bubba007sss

    Hey Joe did you ever use a compound called easy sand 20, 45 or 90 that
    sets up in minutes? It comes in a ten by twenty pound bags. I did a 12 x 12
    room with easy sand twenty and I almost had it completed in one day.. I
    would of if I didn’t have a splitting headache at the time. The next day I
    went and skim coated here and there then sanded.. This stuff once dried
    even makes regular compound dry fast when applied on the last coat or two.
    It saves a lot of waiting time when doing a small room.

  2. lrd9999

    I agree that the redi-mix compound is best for the top layer; I find it
    easier to sand than the setting type. It’s also good to put a thin coat on
    surfaces that would otherwise be hard to sand, like splotchy paint that’s
    still a little rubbery; you just sand off as much of the ready-mix as
    possible and what’s left is smooth as a board. I much prefer sanding screen
    to paper though, it goes much longer before getting clogged up with dust.

  3. bubba007sss

    @VideoJoeKnows I worked on Motel rooms for ten years or more and we used
    this product that I’m talking about, so we were in and out of the rooms all
    the time even after they were finished and and I’ve never seen any
    roughness. I’ve skimmed over blocks already and it came out smooth as a
    baby’s but. The product you speak of I’ve used as well, and I agree it is
    porous and I didn’t like it. The proper name for it is SHEETROCK
    Lightweight Setting Joint Compound

  4. VideoJoeKnows

    @bubba007sss Yes, the product you are referring to is what I call quickset
    as it sets up quick & doesn’t shrink between coats thereby letting you put
    on more coats in one day. I use these as underlayment coats & do not use
    this as a finish coat as the primer & paint doesn’t cover it like regular
    joint compound. If you do a patch on a wall & paint over this product, it
    will stick out like a sore thumb. More porous than joint compound so it
    needs to be skimmed over. Don’t forget. Joe :0

  5. VideoJoeKnows

    @rtzapper Thanks for taking a look at this video. This is pretty much all I
    use to sand my walls. Thanks for commenting! :0

  6. bubba007sss

    @VideoJoeKnows This stuff here comes in a white bag and from what I’ve seen
    from it paint covers it really well.. It’s name is called easy sand, I
    believe Home depot carries it, I know they did in Massachusetts. I get it
    from my local hardware store. I do always try to do the last coat in
    regular compond but there has been times I haven’t, and it finishes up
    really nice with paint

  7. VideoJoeKnows

    @bubba007sss You think you get it really smooth but it’s still a pourous
    material & not as fine as regular compound, after you sand it. I use to
    have sheetrock subs work for me & they never finished the topcoat with this
    product…..only underlayment coats. It comes in a dry form & you mix it
    with water….same as your stuff? If you use regular mud you have to wait
    for each coat to dry all the way, as it shrinks. This product doesn’t
    shrink & you can do a whole patch in one day! Joe :0

  8. VideoJoeKnows

    Thanks for the tips & suggestions. Any viewer who chooses to view these
    comments will benefit from your post. Joe :0

  9. Dave Lucas


  10. VideoJoeKnows

    @bubba007sss Sounds great. I’ve used something similar to what you are
    referring to but it comes in a wet premixed box. If it’s been working for
    you…..keep doing it… Joe :0

  11. VideoJoeKnows

    @lrd9999 You’ve got a point with the sanding screen not gumming up like
    sand paper. It is a little more expensive but each pad would last longer
    too. Thanks for commenting! Joe :0

  12. VideoJoeKnows

    @bubba007sss That’s the product I call quickset. You can get in 5 minutes,
    15, 20, 30,45, & 90 minute. It says easy sand on it so I’m sure we are
    referring to the same thing. You might think it paints up good, that is if
    you are doing an entire wall then you won’t see any differences in it..but
    if you have to do a patch on an existing wall & you just use this product
    (& not put any regular mud as a skim coat over it) it will stick out mark
    my word….even if you use the same paint. Joe :0