25 responses on “Sanding Drywall with No Dust in the house

  1. Trevor Harris

    the dust stream will cover your next door neighbours washing hanging on the
    line. Panties covered in plaster dust. Perfect if you hate your neighbour.
    Thanks pornstar Dmitri.

  2. Cinnora Amann

    Thanks so much. I have been having trouble with this exact problem since I
    started my project. Works great!

  3. John Peake

    All you guys getting upset because a little dust goes next door!!! Bo hoo!!
    Nice idea, man. Thanks a lot.

  4. Julian Castro

    nice song haven’t heard it in 2 decades thanx! the video however is very
    misleading the fan is just going to move the dust around instead of letting
    it fall to the floor, the mess outside cant be cleaned, just vacuum and
    prime rite away 

  5. devin kirkendall

    o my look at that roof though lol. im not a sheetrock specialist but i am a
    roofing specialist and that 90lb modified exposed in the valley is just
    plain wrong lol.and. not to mention that flashing job by the window

  6. pbaylis1

    It’s just a little dust blowing outside. Most of it will dissipate before
    it gets on grandma’s apple pie cooling on the next door window silll.

  7. iTsStEpHyyyy

    oh dang thats a really nice trick lol that way i dont have to worry about
    that uncomfortable dust mask!

  8. mh7784

    Why not wear a mask with proper clothing and let the dust fall naturally on
    the floor and Shop Vac the place once your done……at the very least you
    won’t have your neighbors eyeballing you because you just dusted the entire