Taping Drywall Joints

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When taping drywall joints, the best method to use is the fiberglass method, in which fiberglass tape is applied directly over the crack between two piece of…

How to bend drywall Part 1

How to prepare drywall for bending to a sharp arc without breaking. Part 2 is here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sEJxpnHst4.

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Super American Drywall
Image by anastaz1a
The drywall we bought in the States is a little different than we would get here. We didn’t buy it on purpose but the ceiling drywall is extra strength and even the moisture resistant drywall for the bathroom contains fiberglass strands. It’s a nightmare to install (so itchy!) but it seems like a good product.

15 responses on “Taping Drywall Joints

  1. Mud Slingr

    Ah yes ! That brings back some hilarious memories. Leave the mesh to the
    plastering crews. Works much better in that application ! Thanks for your
    offer yuorpoison. If I make it across the border someday , I’d be glad to
    meet an educated American taper !

  2. Jason King

    Good tips…thanks. I’ve always hated ‘mudding’ sheetrock because I’ve
    always sucked at it. I needed to repair some molded sheetrock at my
    fathers, and this video helped.

  3. scubasteve29100

    @irich62 i highly dought there are any “wannabe drywall experts”. what
    exactly did he do wrong?

  4. PhorGivN

    Your first mistake is using mesh tape to repair a crack. Mesh tape is made
    for factory seams. When you’re doing drywall repair and taping crackes or
    butt joints you need paper tape so your work doesn’t crack later. Mesh tape
    does not prevent these types of seams from cracking. Nor is mesh tape made
    for use with ready mix joint compounds.

  5. Mud Slingr

    Ya, that’s right. I averaged about 2 houses per week for 28 years and about
    6 weeks holidays each year. And I work alone when it comes to taping. I
    agree that video DOES NOT do justice to a taping tutorial but showing
    people the correct product to use is very easy.

  6. yuorpoison

    what mudslingrpro said ,,finally smeone that know the purpose of drywall
    tape and the mesh ,,,most people think its just easier ,,,there wife puts
    it on and they try to finish it together ,i guess its better than holding
    hands at the beach but i really do enjoy the laughs on the job and when i
    see it ,,,at least something never changes mudslingrpro you ever need work
    in pennsylvania your hired ,,

  7. Mud Slingr

    NEVER, EVER use mesh tape on a cut edge joint(butt joint). It WILL crack
    eventually. Personally, if I use mesh tape(not by choice and on a factory
    joint only) I will fill the joint in with a quick setting compound first.
    This also allows you to put another coat on fairly quickly depending on the
    QS you choose to use. Been at this 28 years and 2,500 houses later. Trust
    me !

  8. MrJameswest360

    not talking about fire walls, of course if its fire rated you would need
    fire resist drywall, but ive never seen a round column on fire wall..
    espes, if its wood frame the fire would take out everything anyway, plus
    1/4 inch drywall wont do much withfire

  9. renovacman

    yes,1/4 inch WON”T do much,. that is why in part two you will notice I
    double it up. 🙂 this tutorial is how to bend drywall, if you want to use
    masonite then do so. it is up to you. 🙂

  10. james West

    Try using masonite 1/8 inch it works perfect and takes only minuutes to do,
    tthen just skim over and paint