25 responses on “Tips On How To Install Drywall : Learn the Basics of Taping Drywall To The Ceiling

  1. hunterwyattmonica

    Yikes….you’re turning this into a lot more work than need be. Get with a
    good finisher and relearn the basics because you’re going about it all

  2. lovesomecujo

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    the ones who have already done it or are dying to try it.

  3. mrJME99

    I watched your video a year ago for the tips and haven’t drywalled since.
    Mudding my bedroom ceiling this weekend. I like your explaination, simple
    and nice technique. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Rich McCutchan

    i agree boxes can run seems and butts way faster than by hand but there
    should always be someone behind the box guy fixing corners outlets etc.. to
    use both is the best and fastest way.

  5. zajakson

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  6. Moises Figueroa, Sr

    The guy really knows what he is doing. There are some people which know a
    lot about the trade and I don’ see anything wrong about it.

  7. irich62

    what’s sad is the fact that this guy does look like he knows what he’s
    doing compared to most of the the finishing videos on youtube…

  8. qp304

    @shylosworld78 the man in the video gives a good lesson on drywall. And
    about the garbage that you said… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. It’s your world,
    shylosworld78. We will follow you.

  9. lovesomecujo

    the reason most people dont have videos on how to do something is because
    they are too busy actually fucking working to make a video. If people
    wouldnt post videos of how to do shit the wrong way than people wouldnt
    ahve a reason to leave comments so go fuck yourself smartass

  10. DONNELL B.

    It’s a free video meant to give some basics to beginners…relax just a
    little. If you are a professional you needn’t look here. Happy Holidays !!