Two Kids Repair a Large Hole In Drywall

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Two Kids Repair a Large Hole In Drywall

As seen at – Two kids age 11 & 12, as part of their 4H project, repair a large hole in a drywall panel. They mark out a square around …
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22 responses on “Two Kids Repair a Large Hole In Drywall

  1. Michael Fallis Jr.

    Safer to always mark your cut lines as opposed to cutting along a square or
    t-square. I learned the hard way once and almost lost my finger. The blade
    can easily jump onto the surface of the square and once it does, it moves
    fast; real fast. I love that you’re teaching your children at a young age.

  2. Jacob Levis

    Great vid but you could have cut out a smaller section of drywall traced it
    onto another piece and screw a piece of wood to the wall then put on your
    patch piece and spackle over it

  3. pinkpanthersmokes

    Love the way you are teaching your kids responsibility and skills that will
    be useful throughout their lives. Wish more parents would teach their kids
    such skills instead of pick up the phone and order. Great job young men and

  4. Kamaren Morrison

    instead of buying and attaching 2x2s you should just cut the drywall back
    so about 1/2″ of the original wood is exposed so you can place a new sheet
    rock there and nail around the edges entering the wood…just a $ saving
    technique..just as solid.

  5. Lawrence Powell

    I have had a similar hole to repair and i do admit i wish i had your
    tooltips then. Glad to see a father showing his children productivity
    rather than xbox

  6. TheBonesChannel

    Clever kids! They’re likely to benefit from this type of experience working
    with dad. I hope that drywall is post 80’s though. Wouldn’t want them
    breathing any asbestos!

  7. 18wheeler76

    awesome,im 34 and just learned from to smart young men how to fix my wall
    that i put a hole in by tring to move a recliner down stairs by
    myself,needless to say i failed and the recliner rolled down the stairs
    into the wall.

  8. polymexdf69

    May be if PlayStation would make a construction game. kids would be smart
    like yours that is very cool. keep it up

  9. ReiseLu

    Great video! Now I feel ready to repair the hole I have on my wall. Thanks
    a lot!!!!!!!!! It is nice to see you guys being so handy. I am sure your
    parents are very proud of you.

  10. KMM561

    that is just like my hole in my wall i made today my parents dont no about
    it and i am afriad that a will proberly get in big trouble

  11. albert333pool

    Good to see two young kids doing something productive rather than sitting
    on their ass playing video games!

  12. Joey Podavin

    Great video! Gave me confidence to attempt a similar repair in my home. The
    website also helps a lot!

  13. dedwards0117

    Thank you for these great videos. I have saved your website for future
    reference. Thanks again and keep up the good work. In a few years your kids
    will be able to make a killing over the summer’s between school years if
    they aren’t doing it already.