9 responses on “Using the Hilti SD 4500-A18 CPC Drywall Screwdriver, SMD 50 Screw Magazine, and SME Extension Tube.

  1. Amritpal Basra

    great hilti gun i got it too with magazine, but this guy is boarding a
    garage with no poly on the ceilings…yikes his drywall gonna fall down in
    the winter time´╗┐

  2. Dantewalle

    Hey I been wanting to get this for my Father sometimes he has to install
    Drywall ( He carries the Dewalt/Hilti regular plug in to power cord Drywall
    screw gun ) How good does the Cordless hilti gun run compared to a regular
    one? How long does the battery run ? . If you could help me out i would be
    grateful considering it might be hes BD Gift

  3. TheFloorBoys

    I bought one of these extensions for mine corded version and then my dumb
    ass took it back the very next day. Found it at Home Depot. Thought about
    it, and went back a few days later……and guess what??? Yup!!! You
    already know. Shit.

  4. TheFloorBoys

    Worst part is…I never even got to use it. Second time watching this vid
    and kicking myself in the hind parts each time! Calling my Hilti Rep
    tomorrow…..because now Home Depot is saying its a “Special Order” item.