Water DamageDrywall Plaster Ceiling Repair – Part One

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How to repair water damaged-sagging ceiling drywall plaster.

25 responses on “Water DamageDrywall Plaster Ceiling Repair – Part One

  1. Qiliang LIAO

    A great video! I was shocked when I first skipped part of the video and saw
    you make a big hole there. Then when I watch carefully, I understand the
    actual range of the damage area and the back-blocking technique. Very
    impressive! Thank you for this informative video! I am going to fix mine
    which I have made a similar big hole when I fell off the ceiling last

  2. axeman1063

    Aw to heck with Linda, I thought the music sounded cool! Thought is was
    Jeff Beck but i thought i heard his whole catalog. Sure enough, twas a
    guitarist who was influenced by the mighty Jeff Beck! Rock on! (No pun
    intended) hahaha

  3. Linda Forrest

    the video is helpful, but the music is too loud, not necessary. Don’t need
    music to accompany repair video. thank you

  4. Dean Cleverley

    Something to consider – i do renovations and often come across damaged
    ceilings – the quickest – cleanest – most cost effective way is to cover
    ceiling . Have a look at ( zelletex ceiling systems) light paneling that
    simply glues up .

  5. plasterrepairtips

    Hi and thanks for your comment. Yes that is another method which works
    well. I am one that doesn’t like to carry too many tools with me on repair
    jobs so back blocking means I don’t require a cordless drill unless there’s
    a large area which requires the plasterboard to have screws along the
    batten/joists. I prefer back blocking though and your method is another
    option for those who prefer to use it. Cheers and great to hear from you!!

  6. plasterrepairtips

    Ha ha ha. No I didn’t get extra money, just part of the gig! Adds some
    excitement to the day Cheers

  7. beanyzxr

    ductile12 is so rude. ur doing a good job there, we do it a bit different
    in the uk, where u use back blocks we use timber screwed half and half
    across the edge joint, followed by plasterboard and finished with 2 coats
    of thistle multi finish. regards

  8. Andrew Wilson

    it wont let me post the link, I have a link on one of my playlist called
    “Nerio Plastering” I added the video to that playlist or just put in the
    search bar “Plastering / Taping Drywall Joints PART 2 – Plastering” it has
    very low Volume but he goes into detail

  9. plasterrepairtips

    Congratulations on your new house! Great to hear the videos come in handy.
    Thanks for your comment and good luck with your projects Regards

  10. plasterrepairtips

    Hi and thanks for your comment. Great to hear you are having a go! Let us
    know how you go and always glad to help. Regards

  11. ukonline1

    Great videos. Going to tackle my mum’s spare bedroom which has a chalkboard
    ceiling, damaged by a leak. Thanks!

  12. plasterrepairtips

    good on you! doesn’t hurt to have a go. Tip:- try to repair a smaller area,
    when you are o.k with that you can practically repair any size – remember
    you learn from mistakes and don’t be afraid to have a go. Let me know how
    you go Regards

  13. Andrew Wilson

    HI Nerio, After serching the whole Web this guy is the only one who does
    Corner Beads for window and door ways. Hoping you van upload a Video as
    this is a bit hard to follow mate 🙂